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Changzhou Cranes Mechanical Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Mobile no. 0086-18001505166
Tel: +86-519-81886887
Fax: +86-519-85163887
Add: No.8-20 Shunyuan road, Xinchen industrial park, Xuejia town, Xinbei district, Changzhou city, Jiangsu province, P.R.China.
Postalcode: 213125
Established in 2004, CMC INTERNATIONAL is a comprehensive service platform for your business. We can provide you with high quality products and consultation service. We have rich experience in supplying a wide range of products to shipyards, ports, cement plants, power plants, metallurgy plants, vessels, transportation constructions, textile industry, mining industry and the oil gas industry.

Our Business Scope

Port & Yard System Equipments:
We are very familiar with Chinese cranes & material handling market. We have developed and built up good relations with production bases and direct export quays for fully-erected complete equipments loading and shipping. We have also excellent cooperations with other related factories in the field of heavy industries, including: Bulk Cargo Machinery, Portal Cranes, Shipyard Level Luffing Cranes, Goliath Cranes, Stationary Fixed Jetty Cranes, Ship Loaders, Ship Unloaders, Container Cranes, Mobile Portainer, STS Container Cranes, Yard Cranes, RTG, RMG, Offshore Platform, Barge Crane and Material handling system.

Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Integrated Solutions:
The Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering sector under the our Group Holding, is specialized in the Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering R&D, the engineering Supervision, the EPC contracting, Yacht design & manufacturing, the business range covers all types of civil transport vessels, passenger ships and official ships, marine engineering vessels, marine engineering structures and etc.

Petroleum Engineering and Equipments sector:
Pipeline robot research and development;
Development of pipeline equipment for sea and land;
Petroleum engineering inspection technology research and development;
Anti-corrosion engineering technical services;
Municipal pipeline engineering design.

New Energy Development & Utilization:
New Energy segment is based on the comprehensive utilization of Natural Gas. Based on the key technologies and system assembly capabilities that have been mastered in the R&D and Natural Gas transportation vessels and Natural Gas powered vessels for many years, the procurement, distribution, storage, logistics and filling business chain of Natural Gas system are constructed, and the comprehensive application of Natural Gas in the field of ship transportation is vigorously developed.
Onshore Natural Gas comprehensive utilization and value-added services
Development and promotion of Marine Natural Gas utilization technology
Build water and land combined LNG utilization industry chain

Spare parts: We can supply all kinds of spare parts for cranes and ships, such as gears and pinions, travel wheels, sheaves, wire ropes, hook blocks, wire drums, cable drums, slewing bearings, brakes, grabs, buffers, and others.

Steel structures: We have good cooperation with other factories for big steel structures, for example, bridge blocks, ship blocks and other steel structure fabrication.

Our Quality Management
Working Procedure Management:
When we get a confirmed order, we will make a working schedule for this project in details, including working procedure and delivery time.

ITP MANAGEMENT (Inspection Test Plan):
We will strictly carry out the ITP required by customers or we make an ITP according to customers' quality requirements, so our product quality can meet customers' requirements.

We can provide quality products & project management as customers' requirements in time.

Cooperation with the third party in inspection:
CCS/CCSI/BV/KR/DNV and others

You are welcome to contact us.
CMC INTERNATIONAL will be your correct source and integrated system solutions for your business.
Our GROUP of Companies will always work hard hand in hand to modify the quality and service. We will be serious in every big or small order and pay more attention to product quality, delivery time and after service problem. Welcome to visit our factories and give new advice, which will be greatly appreciated. Mobile no. 0086-18001505166 Tel:+86-519-519-81886887 Fax:+86-519-85163887
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